Growing Knowledge at the British Library

14 12 2010

Check out the British Library’s Growing Knowledge exhibition.  I went down in person last week – means you get to play with some of the interactive screens and, although it’s all virtual, you get to access more resources than are available remotely.  On the other hand, you can check out much of it from your own work/home. 

The exhibition is both to demonstrate a range of applications that are already being used to capture and share knowledge virtually, and to gather data on how people think knowledge sharing and research practices will develop in the future. 

 There’s some fun stuff to explore, including: an online medical journal that incorporates video into peer reviewed journal papers; nature network – an online community platform for scientists including a customizable personal ‘workbench’ area; galaxy zoo – a resource being used to map galaxies by involving the public in classifying images of galaxies, 3D imaging where a number of objects have been photographed from multiple perspectives and you can view them as if scanning over them with a torch, Jane Austen manuscript digitised reconstructions… and many more.
Some may never make it beyond ‘experimental’ stage, but others are rather impressive.

The exhibition isn’t specific to business and management, but that’s the real fun of it!  It’s thought-provoking to explore resources from a range of other disciplines and prompt ideas about how we conduct our research in the future building on some great opportunities afforded by social media and web technology.


Research at Ashridge

16 11 2009

Lets start with an introduction……what is research at Ashridge? Well, the overall mission of Ashridge is to improve the practice of managers – and this too is the focus of the Ashridge research strategy. In short, research at Ashridge aims to make a positive impact both upon management practice and management learning.

We use our research to inform the design of new programmes and provide content for new sessions. We translate our findings into learning principles, practices and products that will help our faculty design and deliver state of the art interventions.

There are five research centres within the research portfolio and each focuses upon a specific strength of Ashridge. You can find out more about these research centres via the Ashridge Research Centre Home Page.