Research committee approves new projects

11 02 2010

The Ashridge Research Committee meets three times a year to discuss ongoing research, consider proposals for new research and generally network and keep one another informed about research at Ashridge.

The first meeting of 2010 for the committee was held on 9th Feb and we were delighted to welcome Professor Sharon Turnbull of the Leadership Trust onto the committee as our new External Representative.  Sharon brings a wealth of expertise and experience, channelled in a very practical yet considered way.

At the Committee meeting, several proposals for new research were considered and approved, after contructive critique from the Committee:

 Peter Shepherd is embarking on a project to explore Effective Leadership from a Followers’ Perspective;

Dr. Chris Seeley will kick off the early stages of a collaborative inquiry to explore the phenomenon of ‘Transgressive leadership‘ – with an intention to move the field of leadership research on from models of transactional and transformational leadership;

Vicki Culpin will work with Dan Gretton from Platform to look at Ethical Compartmentalism in Business Leadership – how leaders manage to reconcile (or not) their  personal values with the demands placed on them as senior figures on organisations – linking with research conducted in 2009 by Inge Woudstra van Grondelle on the same theme;

Dave Bond and Vicki Culpin will work with Ashridge Research Fellow Professor Kurt April and Research Associate Amanda April to write a book based on research on Congruent Living: Personal, Social and Organisational Values;

Last but not least, Ellen Pruyne and Inge Wels will lead a project looking at the Role and Influence of Learning and Development Professionals in organisations.

More information about any of these projects can be obtained by contacting the project lead using the convention: